Sandaraa – Jegi Jegi (Live Performence at Brooklyn)



Here is a song from Sandaraa’s performance in New York this spring. The song “Jegi Jegi” is in Darri and was popularised by the great Haji Saifuddin of Kabul.

Sandaraa – “Jegi Jegi” live at LIttlefield, Brooklyn, NY 5/23/15
from the repertoire of Haji Saifudin
Video by Erika Kapin
Zeb Bangash – voice
Michael Winograd – clarinet
Eylem Basaldi – violin
Yoshie Fruchter – oud
Patrick Farrell – accordion
David Lizmi – bass
Richie Barshay – drums

Sandaraa has been hailed as “one of the most interesting and exciting things to happen in the New York music scene.” This new musical collaboration explores a vast repertoire of South Asian musical traditions blended with the sounds and sensibilities of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and New York. The band captivates audiences and fascinates listeners with their unique sound and inspired approach to musical and cultural synthesis. Sandaraa is co-fronted by one of Pakistan and Afghanistan’s most loved vocalists, Zebunnisa (Zeb) Bangash, and Brooklyn’s Klezmer clarinet virtuoso Michael Winograd.

Zeb Bangash is a resident of Lahore and an ethnic Pashtun with roots in Kohat, near the Afghan border. Bangash has won acclaim and popularity throughout south Asian subcontinent as the lead singer of the duo Zeb and Haniya. In a region known primarily for religious extremism, Zeb is symbolic of the new, modern Pakistan and a modern idea of Pakistani women: progressive, western educated, and proud to explore the musical roots of her region which had been denied by conservative regimes. Zeb and Haniya have won acclaim from many international publications including Newsweek and BBC News.

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