Aijaz Aslam makes debut as producer with Dil Ishq



Aijaz Aslam, backed by Babar Javed, is set to debut as a producer with GEO in the upcoming drama serial “Dil Ishq”. This drama, according to Aslam, is to be a tribute to the television industry, and has been made in an effort to prove that the television industry is still alive.

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Alongside Film & TV director Ali Raza Usama, director of Bashar Momin, and the latest cinematography technology, Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, the producer hopes to bring in a regal quality to the new drama serial. To achieve this, the drama has been shot using the new technology and will give a higher resolution, a more creative depth field, as well as film aesthetics onto television.


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Apart from being the producer, Aijaz Aslam is to play the role of main character Mansoor. This is his first major production opposite both Neelum Munir (Bakhtawar) and Ayesha Khan (Dil Meher). Mansoor is an educated businessman, and we assume him to be a landlord too; a landlord with impeccable taste in clothes.


Aslam, known to be a designer as well, has designed the wardrobe of the drama serial in collaboration with Ahmed Bham as the lead costume designer.


It seems Aijaz Aslam is a jack of all trades, but will this jack be able master his new trade?

Dil Ishq airs 22nd July, 2015 every Wednesday at 8:00PM on GEO TV

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