An interview with first Pakistan Idol Zamad Baig


An interview with first Pakistan Idol Zamad Baig

A year has been past since Zamad Baig has become the first Pakistan Idol and it seems like the wait is over for his thousands of fans. The idol is all ready to lend his mesmerizing Sufi vocal in his first OST for Babar Javed’s upcoming drama serial on Geo Entertainment, Dil Ishq. Before the full song go on-air, PakiUM has caught Zamad Baig in Karachi and asked few questions.

PakiUM: It’s been a year now, how do you feel being the first Pakistan Idol? How public react?

Zamad Baig: It’s a surreal situation; when I first went for the audition I really did not think that I would be able to pass the audition let alone become the winner of Pakistan Idol itself. The public is so supportive, and the amount of love I have received from the fans is just unbelievable.


PakiUM: What was the best part of theIdol experience?

Zamad Baig: There were so many experiences in Idol that were the best part, it’s so difficult to just choose one! But being a part of this journey and meeting so many talented individuals throughout the season really opened up my mind; ‘demagh khul gaya’. I got to experience other people’s talent and learn through them to make myself better.


PakiUM: What is the biggest thing that you gained from the wholeIdol experience?

Zamad Baig: The whole experiences really made me grow up, when I first went for the audition, let’s be honest, I was a kid with magical aspirations which didn’t seem likely. As time passed, I grew up. I learned so much about myself throughout this experience, about my talents, my range, how well I sing covers, and what are my musical limits and strengths. ‘Yeh seekhnay ko mila hai ke humaray andar kya kya hai’ .

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PakiUM: Dil Ishq is your first OST on Geo, how was the experience with the team?

Zamad Baig: One word: Perfect. The team was a great one, very supportive and appreciative towards me, and when you receive that kind of affection from people you’re working with you tend to be happier and motivated as well as get into a comfortable place where all your ideas keep flowing through you effortlessly.

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PakiUM: How do you see your life looking forward?

Zamad Baig: I plan on just writing my heart and soul out, I know I have a lot of lyrics and music in me, and I don’t want them to stay bottled up and be forgotten: music should not be forgotten. I have about three or four releases coming up in a few days, and then soon my album will launch as well. But that’s not the end, you’ll keep on seeing me.


PakiUM: Last question, do you still have those red shoes?

Zamad Baig: Oh, yes, I do! They’ve become my lucky shoes, I wore them seven or eight times on Idol just without thinking about it and suddenly my shoes were the talk of the town. I recently went to a friend’s place and his mother asked me if I knew how she knew and recognized me, so I said no please tell me, turns out my red shoes are an identifier.

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