Mizmaar to release exclusive single for World Music Day


Mizmaar [13]

Mizmaar are gearing up for a busy summer! The popular South Asian band has announced that they will be releasing an exclusive single to celebrate upcoming World Music Day on 21st June’15. The single will be followed by their second music video, which the band has confirmed is going to be a very exciting collaboration – more details on this soon!

The band’s single Jee Loonga, which was released earlier this year, turned out to be the perfect comeback vehicle as it is still enjoying maximum airplay across the country. The new lineup, which introduced Mashhad Sharyar as the lead vocalist along with guitarist Kashan Admani and drummer Alfred D’mello, has been appreciated by fans, and built a lot of anticipation for their new music. To celebrate World Music Day on 21st June’15, the band will release a special single which is currently being recorded at their studios. In addition to this, Mizmaar will also be releasing their second music video post Eid-ul-Fitr. The video will see an exciting collaboration, further details of which will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Speaking about their upcoming music, front man Kashan Admani said “We are very excited to be finally releasing the music that we have been recording for over a year, and we can assure that Mizmaar’s new music will be a treat for all Pakistani music fans”.

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