First Hyderabad Photo Walk Held This Week



The first ever photography event, Hyderabad Photo Walk happened in Hyderabad on May 30, 2015, where around hundred passionate photographers discovered Hyderabad as its never seen before. The aim of the event was to redefine the city by bringing its unmatched beauty to the limelight.

Hyderabad being the historical City of the Sindh has several historical and unique palaces and homes that were built by Hindus especially those by Mahrajas. There architect was different than unusual there are several homes that are still untouched and portray the art and mechanism of that time. City also has  Tombs of Kalhoras and Pacco Qillo.


Unfortunately very less people and youth of Hyderabad knows about it. So the purpose of Hyderabad photo walk was to re-connect youth to its historical routes and identity. The event turned to be a great success with 100 photographers participated in it.


Since Dawn has a significant role in the promotion of events that promote arts and culture. I am sharing this news with a request to publish as it will encourage the youth from Hyderabad to initiate more such events.
Details of the events and few pictures are attached above.


The initiative was backed by Pakistan-US Alumni Network and Lahooti, and led by the young and energetic Sana Khowaja, and her team. The event started from a specific location, from where two buses, filled with the participants of the photowalk, were taken to several spots across the city. The first spot comprised of two tombs, belonging to the rulers of Kalhora dynasty. From there the participants were taken to Hirabad, which happens to be one of the oldest areas of the city. Buildings from the British Raj era were photographed. This part of the trip concluded at a historic temple.






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