Jugnoo Upcoming Drama Serial (Synopsis/Pictures)



The story of HUM’s new drama serial revolves around the title character Jugnoo, a gorgeous but modest and simple girl who is deceived into marrying Ammu, an assistant at a production house who hides his true designation and makes her believe that he’s an important member of the management team.

Soon after the marriage the truth unfolds and their struggle to make both ends meet starts. Ammu forces her to become a model and introduces her to his production house. Unaware of what fate has in store for her, Jugnoo starts her modelling career and meets Zulfi, a rich and powerful man who falls in love with her. Will Zulfi be able to succeed in his mission to break up Jugnoo’s marriage?

To find out watch “Jugnoo”, only on HUM

Written by:         Amna Mufti

Directed by:       Farooq Rind

Produced by:     Momina Duraid

Cast:                      Yumna Zaidi, Zahid, Rehan Sheikh, Ismat Zaidi, Leyla Zuberi, Saad Azhar, Saman Ansari, Faheem    Azam, Hina Mahvish, Humera Bano, Malik Raza etc

Time & Day:          Every Friday at 8:00 pm

Total Episode:    20

Jugnoo (1)

Jugnoo (2)

Jugnoo (4)

Jugnoo (7)

Jugnoo (8)

Jugnoo (12)


Jugnoo (5)


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