Asrar – Mast Hua (Official Music Video)



Artist: Asrar

Song: Mast Hua

Asrar released his new song “Mast Hua” with its music video, Watch now and wish Happy birthday to Asrar

This video song is not just a song,it’s my story in fact,To make it cheerful I tried to choose easy words as lyrics and composed it in a simple way,To make it more digestible to watch I shot it by myself with a selfie stick,So this one is a first ever”ONE TAKE SELFIE VIDEO SONG (OFFICIAL),in Pakistan or may be in the world as well, By this video I want to leave a message to new comers too,that Its song that matters,And with a good and simple idea,you can save a lot of cost,at the end I just want to dedicate this song to all my artist friends throughout the world specially Pakistani Artists. – Asrar

Watch music video below:

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