Veena Malik’s husband to make singing debut in Bollywood


Veena Malik husband to make singing debut in Bollywood

Former Lollywood actress Veena Malik, who decided to take a long break from showbiz after a controversy during a live morning show after her return to ountry, has now come with a big news about her husband Asad Bashir Khan. Reportedly,  her husband is set to make his singing debut in Bollywood, claimed Veena Malik in an interview to Express Tribune.

In an interview, the Lollywood actress, who was known for creating waves, has claimed that, “Asad has gotten into singing career. He will also be making a Bollywood debut.”

Listen: Asad Bashir – Aazma Le

When asked about her return to showbiz, Veena replied, “Though a globe trotter, after ten days or so my husband and I will be performing Umrah with both sides of the extended family members included. Later, we plan to travel to Australia where Asad will be presenting and participating in a seminar.”

She added that “I was at one time doing showbiz, along with some charity…. but the charitable aspect of my personality never got noticed. Two things have always been closer to my heart, women empowerment and children’s rights; I will now be focusing on that. In these two years, I have grown a lot, I have become a mature person who is at peace. I also have different perspective in looking into things now, these two years of my life have been most blissful and very transformative. Also, I believe, to keep the sanity intact, it was necessary to touch bottom, everything has been a blessing in disguise.”

Earlier, Asad Bashir Khan has released Aazma Ley, which was later taken by PTI for its 2013 Elections Campaign. Lets wait and see, if Mr. Asad Bashir Khan can trouble Atif Aslam, Mustafa Zahid and other Pakistani singers making waves in Bollywood.

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