Farooq of Aaroh living his dream in US

Farooq of Aaroh living his dream in US
Photo courtesy: The Times Tribune video blog.

The lead vocalist of former Pakistani rock band Arroh, Farooq Ahmed, who moved to US half a decade ago, is now living his dream through his newly opened Disco Dollar store, The Times Tribune reported in a blog. Aaroh got it’s big break when it won “Pepsi Battle of the Bands” in 2002 but unfortunately managed to rock Pakistani crowd for only seven years and disbanded in 2009. Farooq considered his solo career for very short period of time and moved to US in 2010.


When moved to US, Farooq found his first job at Dunkin Donuts in Chicago. “When I landed in the U.S., I put my ego aside. I said, ‘Dude, you’ve gotta do what you gotta do,” the blog quoted Farooq. The rock star is now running a Dollar store in Scranton, US, which he and his wife Konpal named “Dicso Dollar“. Farooq is aiming to open at least 1000 stores in US. “I was dreaming of becoming Guns and Roses, people used to laugh at me when I was in school. …Now when I say I want to have at least 1,000 stores, people still laugh at me,” the blog quoted.

The good news for the rock music listeners in Pakistan is that Farooq of Aaroh still plays his guitar and sings songs. He intends to restart his music career but wants to establish his business first. “I still play guitar, I sing, but I want something for my daughter to leave behind,” the blog quoted. “Living in an area without many Pakistanis, the rocker is fairly incognito these days, but still gets recognized by his countrymen when he visits relatives in New Jersey and New York,” reported the blog.

Video blog courtesy: The Times Tribune

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