The Solvent Band – Kafir (Music Video/Download Mp3)



Band: The Solvent BAND (Saad & Hassan)
DOP and Video Production by: Maher Studio
Lyrics: Bismil Azimabadi & Salman Haider
Composition: Ziai
Music & Master Mix: Area 51
Special Thanks: The Lahore Heritage Club

The Song is an effort against the extremism. A critical statement of Kafir which is frequently used for others in our society by some extremists religious groups. Everyone sticks to his sect and thinks he/she is pure Muslim and other one is Kafir. This became the main reason of Peshawar incident. The message in the song clearly depicts that If they think we the normal and liberal Muslims and our children as Kafirs then yes we are.


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About Solvent:

The Music band consists of two lead vocalists: Saad Farooq & Hassan Maqsood. According to chemistry Solvent is a name of a substance usually liquid in which another substance is dissolved. The theme of the band relates to its name. The core purpose of the band is to dissolve different regional music elements in one shape to form a harmonic mixture. The members of the band have previously performed together under the title of “Ravians Band” on different occasions. Both of the members are working in the field of Music for last six years and specialize in different Music genres: classical, semi-classical, ghazal, folk and pop. They have also won various prestigious accolades including Roll of Honour of Government College University, Lahore and Gold Medal in Singing from All Pakistan Music Conference. The band makes use of different instrumentalists who the band chooses according to genres of music in the specific programme.

The band has performed in various music events such as concerts of different colleges and universities, TV shows, Youth talent shows,  NGOs’ functions and various official functions organized under the Government departments (both at Punjab & Pakistan level). The members also had chances to take part in jamming sessions with American Jazz bands like “Ari Roland Jazz Quartet” and other American official bands. The band has capacity to hold a mega concert for hours which it has already done on various occasions. The band is well versed in presenting mystic poetry of Punjabi poets.

The band is currently working on its own project which includes audio and video recording of multiple songs of different genres. This project is near completion and the songs will be available in the market in a short span of time.

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