OST Khataa by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Video Song)



Artist: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Song: Ek Pal Ki Khataa
OST Khataa
Release Date September 10, 2014
Network ARY Digital

Plot Outline:
The power of love can bring unbelievable wonders and happiness in people’s lives. But in the face of misunderstandings, love can be put to the test. KHATA is the story of a young boy and girl, who in all appearances are made for each other. But one small mistake creates havoc in their lives as well as their families.
Forced into getting married before their time, the young couple must face all kinds of harsh and bitter sentiments from their families, as they strive to win over their hearts and make a place for themselves in their home.

Schedule Every Wednesday at 8:00 pm on ARY Digital
Starring Shehroz Subzwari, Sanam Choudary, Sajid Hasan,
Naila Jaffri, Shaheen Khan, Diya Mughal, Tahir Kazmi, Asad Siddique and others.
Directed By Asim Ali
Written By Samina Ijaz

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Alternative video:

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