Shai’r the Instigator – Medium of Exchange (Listen/Download Mp3)


Artist/Rapper: Shai’r the Instigator
Song: Medium of Exchange

Artist’s Biography:
A not-so-ghetto, yet ghetto-enough poet.

Song Description:
The saying ‘money makes the world go around’, inspired me to write and make this song. Contemporary society is so consumed by material things, that it often forgets to stop and breathe. This is a story about a guy so engrossed with money and material, that he forgets how to live and what truly matters in life. The lyrical content allows one to question her/his own obsession with money, and all the negativity it can lead to.

Lyrics: Zushan Ahmad Hashmi
Vocals: Zushan Ahmad Hashmi
Composition and structuring: Zushan Ahmad Hashmi & Anders Teo
Arrangement, Production, Mixing and Mastering: Anders Teo

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