Canadian-Pakistani Artist The Spellz & Daniel Weber Of International Band The Disparrows To Collaborate


The spellz Band

[PR] Pakistani-Canadian artists Nas and Hassan, going by the name The Spellz, who are currently being featured as a duo to watch by the world`s biggest online music competition The Global Rock Stars, are ready to take the world of musical fusions to the next level as they collaborate with international rock artist Daniel Weber on an upcoming single, due to be out very soon.

Daniel WeberThe Spellz has already made waves in the past 6 months through their inspirational music with elements of Sufi, Blues and Rock blended together with powerful vocals and classic guitar leads. Their Blues Rock single “Life is Fine“ is currently topping the Canadian charts on The Global Rockstar competition while their Sufi song “Bara Ishq“ has been received with much critical acclaim from industry professionals and audiences.

On the other side, Daniel Weber needs no introduction. He is the vocalist and the lead guitarist of the Hollywood based rock band The Disparrows which was established in 2010. Daniel represents the true nature of everyone’s dream. He creates and produces his own music, his own designs and manages the entire business and productions himself as well.  The Disparrows represent all that is real about life and working hard to earn what you get, and fighting even harder to keep it. Daniel Weber is also the husband and manager of International superstar Sunny Leone.

The upcoming combination single promises to blow the minds of audiences across the globe, with a new blend of fusion between East and West being created. The collaboration is bound to open up the gates for more partnerships between artists all over the world to create love, peace and harmony through music.

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