Umer Qureshi – Sawan (Music Video/Download Mp3)


umer-qureshi-sawan (2)
Artist: Umer Qureshi
Song: Sawan
Directed By: Umer Qureshi & Frah Mukhtar
D.O.P: Frah Mukhtar & Ahmad Qureshi
Editor: Umer Qureshi
Lyrics: Umer Qureshi
Composition: Umer Qureshi
Music By: Sarmad Qadeer
Flute: Hasan Badshah
Mix & Mastered at: THIRD EYE MEDIA

Special Thanks to:

Gohar Altaf, Umber Qureshi, Ahmad Qureshi, Maria Kayani, Muhammad Danish, Syed Shahrukh Hasan and all Friends & Family.

Artist Biography: Born in Islamabad. Umer Qureshi is the grand son of late Poet Abdul Rehman Kayani and also related to famous late Poet and Lyricist Riaz ur Rehman Sagar. He started writing and composing his songs at the age of 15. Now released his debut song “Sawan” with help of Friends, Family and friend/mentor Sarmad Qadeer.

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