Omer Bari and Priyanka Singh – Mere Piya (Audio Song)



Artists: Omer Bari & Priyanka Singh
Song: Mere Piya
Music & Composition: Omer Bari
Lyrics: Omer Bari & Priyanka Singh
Audio Production: Jonathan Jones at Jonathan Jones Productions
© Copyrights. Omer Bari 2014. All Rights Reserved

Take a listen to the song below:


Launched his music career with the stunning composition “Talaash”. He then came up with another mesmerizing single, “Tu Ajaa” another testament to his outstanding qualities of a composer, lyricist and vocalist. Talaash captured audiences with it’s sheer beauty and raw power in both the vocals and the composition.
He diversified into creating outstanding music videos for various projects and has also been awarded prizes for his awe-inspiring productions. Furthermore, he prevailed in photography,capturing master pieces and exhibiting unique ideas through his pictures.

Now with his third track, Mere Piya, he has once again proven that he excels at anything he puts his mind to. Omer is now setting new standards by collaborating with an Indian Female singer “Priyanka Singh”, who adds magic to the song with her soothing voice, resulting in a fascinating fusion of classical and modern pop.


“An artist by God’s grace” is how Priyanka describes herself. Since her childhood, she had a penchant for music. She learned music by listening and singing to the tunes of Lata’s and Asha’s immortal songs. College-level laurels and applauds didn’t satisfy her urge. Instead it gave her confidence to dream big. Having spent only a few years in Mumbai, she is performing in shows all over India. She has also recorded regional and non-filmi Hindi songs. She aspires to become a playback singer in Bollywood. ‘Mere Piya’ is her first non-filmi debut duet with Omer Bari.

Listen full song below:

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