Alif Noon – Koi (Audio Song)



Band: Alif Noon
Song: Koi
Written, composed and Sung by : Saqib Khan
Guitars (Rhythm & Lead) : Shumraiz Awan.
Bass: Alan D`Cruz
Recorded at : Imad Khan Studio.
Re-Arranged, Mixed and Mastered by : Saad Sultan

About Alif Noon:

Alif Noon as it seems to give a regional vibe from it’s name is a band of two individuals namely Saqib Khan and Shumraiz Awan. Two versatile beings and products of deep thought. As the philosophy in the name, is derived from one of the legendary comedy serials back in 80s. Playfulness with a tinge of chutzpah Shumraiz (Alif) & Saqib (Noon) combine to produce contemporary sing-along music. What they suggest the name comes from peer pressure but fits like a key in a lock.

Take a listen to the song below:

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