Sanam Saeed shows her interest to work in Bollywood

Sanam Saeed in Bollywood FilmRecently, Sanam Saeed was asked that if she wanted to enter Bollywood when offered a role and her answer was Yes! 

In her recent interview to IANS, actress Sanam Saeed said that if the story is of her interest and has the capability to remove gap between the two countries(Pakistan and India), then she would surely go for it. However, she did say that she is not competing or approaching through agents to find a place for herself in Bollywood. She said:

I would like to make space without an agent. I want my work to speak for my talent and it will be an achievement if producers and directors look at my work and offer me something. I think for an actor, that will always be a great feeling.

Sanam Saeed is one of the most versatile Pakistani artists and is truly a gem of our industry. She has been a theater artist, video jockey, stand-up comedian, singer and a model. Britain is where she was born and her family moved to Karachi when Sanam was only six years old. She also mentioned that she likes stories that are female-oriented. She will be appearing in Mah-e-Meer, an upcoming Pakistani film, in a very prominent role.

Sanam’s favorite Bollywood artists include Vidya Balan, Tabu and Shabana Azmi. She said:

I like their style of work. It’s more serious and organic as compared to actors who are more into beauty and glamour.

sanam saeed and fawad khan in zindagi gulzar hai

Her drama serial “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” was aired on an Indian channel called “Zindagi” which managed to gather a huge fan following for her in India. Her co-star in the drama Fawad Khan did got a Bollywood movie and it is likely that Sanam might also get an offer from Bollywood soon.

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