Promising Pakistani Rock Band “Aag” Disbanded


One of the most promising & best upcoming bands to come out of Pakistan in recent years has been disbanded today. The Band Aag was consisted of brothers Haroon Sheikh and Usman Sheikh.

Today, Haroon announced the news on his facebook that the band is disbanding as his younger brother Usman is leaving the band due to some unknown reasons. The post reads:

Aag disbanded
Aag band disbandedThe duo was formed back in the year 2005. However, it appeared in the mainstream scene in 2010 when the band released its first single titled “Aag“. After that, the duo gave a few hit songs. The most popular ones include Kaafla, The Breakup Song(Phir Se) and Mitti, which was exclusively released for Junoon’s 20th anniversary album.

Usman Sheikh, the younger brother also played in the last season of Nescafe Basement. According to Haroon, who used to do the vocals mainly, Usman has been showing non-serious attitude towards the band after his appearance in Nescafe Basement. He mentioned that Usman is engaged in some other projects but don’t know what they are. However, he did say that the band is NOT going to retire completely, he will continue the band with some other members.

Well! For sure, Aag was a ray of hope in Pakistan’s music scene and it won’t be the same anymore without Usman. But we wish Haroon a successful music journey ahead without the most prominent member of the band.

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