Party Pay Jana Hai by Ansa Malik (Critical Review)


So, now Ansa Malik  has added another one to the list of Pakistan’s worst songs ever sung. The last one, to remind you, was Taher Shah. And that’s not it, Ansa is another gorgeous MALIK, contributing to the industry now after Humaima Malick and our very beloved Veena Malik and believe it or not, you’ll see that lady-MALIK effect in this music video too.

Perhaps, Ansa Malik spent a fortune on the music video of this shit song with pathetic lyrics and so-called party music. Besides, the song has been featured by a wanna-be yo-yo honey singh Shah 1. The singer herself has tried her best to be not-naïve and not-sweet.

The video starts with clock striking 10:10 and Ansa Malik sleeping at that time for no reason. Suddenly she wakes up


And starts singing right away:

Mama, mujhe dair horahi hai

Main nay party pay jana hai

Yes nigga! I ain’t want no parlor girl, I ain’t want no bigri hui saheli, my mama will get me ready for the party. I wonder if Pakistani girls really say this to their moms, then the reaction would be nothing but a chappal, slap, hanger or simply pipe se kutai!


In the rest of the song you would see girls and Ansa Malik herself dancing in glowing bad-ass dresses which is pretty common in modern Punjabi/pakhtun videos. Only this may be a point of interest for guys in the video but apart from that, there is no point in watching the video.

Oh yes! And the video fulfils the requirements of featuring some sifarshi dancers.


So, here it is, Party Pay Jana Hai, a bullshit song by Ansa Malik, which will definitely ruin all your “Party pay jana hai” dreams!

Disclaimer: Even after listening to this song forcefully, don’t forget to like her Facebook page to show support for the effort she put on all that dancing.

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