Surge – Maze Of Haze (Download Mp3)



Band: Surge
Song: Maze Of Haze

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Surge is a UK based hard rock/metal band comprising of members – Azfar Zaidi (vocals & rhythms), Hack Hans (Lead Guitars & backing vocals), Peter Ignatowicz (drums) and Evan Vagor (bass).

Azfar and Hack both hail from Pakistan and are avid listeners of both Western and Eastern styles of acoustic, hard rock and metal. Peter joined Surge in 2012 and since then the band has worked on some of its original and new projects.

Surge is currently working on their debut album ‘Nasoor’ which will be a mix of both urdu and english tracks. As a band Surge has been playing gigs around the United Kingdom and promoting the Pakistani Rock music.

Take a listen to the song below:


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