Mateen Chaudhry – Mein He Akela (Music Video/Download Mp3)



Artist: Mateen Chaudhry
Song: Mein He Akela
Dir/DP/Post: Waqar Akbar
Production Manager: Waleen Khawar
Lyrics and Composition: Mateen Chaudhry
Mastered and Mixed: Azeem Amin
Special Thanks: Ali Nazar, Omar Aijaz, Abdullah Rizwan, Irfan Ch

Mateen Chaudhry started his journey with music in 2004, 10 years down the memory lane. He is not only a singer but a composer, musician and a lyricist at the same time. He likes being engrossed in the work he does and comes up with the sort of music that brings on surface his talents to the most. Music has been his passion since long, it’s not just a hobby but an integral part of his life that adds rhythm and harmony to his soul. Also, Mateen Chaudhry personally believes that a complete dedication to the music reflects your passion in the kind of work that one comes up with, hence the social factors and realization of the self are two important factors that tend to have an influence on the kind of lyrics he writes.

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