Alycia Dias and Adeeb Ahmed – OST Jahan Ara Begum (Listen/Download Mp3)



Artist: Alycia Dias and Adeeb Ahmed
Song: OST Jahan Ara Begum
Lyricist: Sabir Zafar
Combposed by: Waqar Ali
Editors: Adeel Alam, Adeel
Chief Editor: Imran Dipti
Written by: Sadia Akhtar
Director: Arif Khan
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi

The soap aptly titled ‘Jahan Ara Begum’ after the main protagonist of the story. Jahan Ara is a strong, crafty woman who controls everything (and everyone) around her. The story revolves around how she looks out for her own children and demeans her step son. The story takes a new turn when her step son’s wife enters their lives and evens out the balance.

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