Remembering Latif Kapadia – A Great Pakistani Television Actor


latif kapadia pakistani actorA man with various shades to his credit; Latif Kapadia was one of the most original, versatile and steadily employed actors in Pakistan Television who made a name for himself in a short time with the diverse roles he portrayed. Infusing his character with both humor and moving complexity, Kapadia was one of the most memorable actors when reviewing the golden era of Pakistan Television.

With the advent of television in Karachi in 1967, Latif Kapadia did his first television play on PTV called Sheeshay ka Aadmi recreating the same role as in stage. He also did various other television plays including, Baarish, Barzukh, and Naadan Naadia and also had a film to his credit titled “Very good Dunya, Very Bad Log”.

He would remain intact in the hearts of all those associated with Pakistan Television in its early days, who respected this distinguished artist and personality who left the world a little too early on March 29th, leaving behind a list of admirers who valued his passion for the art and his vision to impact lives. He has left an imprint of his personality, which continues to spread smiles through the, Latif Kapadia Memorial Welfare Trust (LKMWT).

His saga lies in the golden archives of PTV, his memory is etched in the hearts of many and his warmth can still be seen through his love for humanity; Latif Kapadia was a man who loved his craft and encompassed the real gift of giving life to characters which otherwise only existed on the screenplay.

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