Rohail Hyatt to be replaced by Strings in Next Coke Studio Session?


Show ended and the producer changed? What actually happened to Coke Studios this year?

By Ali Gohar

Some didn’t like the new season  just to look cool, others were not happy with the weird airing schedule, some kept on comparing with Nescafe basement and some still loved it; Coke Studio Season 6 faced an abrupt ending after episode 5. Sources say there were at least 3 more episodes left but Rohail Hyatt left for Thailand last Sunday and is out of reach since then….what really happened to Coke Studio?

Messed up in short, the project of bringing in international musicians was the next obvious step if Coke Studio wanted to move forward. Rohail did fine in bringing it up all together but may be the leap was too big. Criticism from every possible direction and internal issues between Frequency Media (the company owned by Rohail Hyatt and his ex-wife ) and Coke Studio went in to litigations after the couple’s divorce. Rohail still kept of facing things and tried to pull out his best.

It has been reported that now Rohail Hyatt might not be the Coke Studio spearhead in the coming seasons. Very strong rumors of Strings taking over the show from here are in the circles.

Rohail Hyatt replaced by Strings Band

But whatever the real story and the future is, Rohail Hyatt deserves the due credit of running the most popular music show of the region for six long years and bringing Coke Studio to heights many can just dream of. We wish the show best of luck and really want to live and prosper in the time to come.

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