Faakhir With His Upcoming Release Shikva (Video Stills)


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Faakhir with his upcoming release ‘Shikva’ is all set to change lives of many.

The Pakistani pop star will be releasing his new music video from his 4th music album ‘Jee Chaahay‘ worldwide for a greater cause this time. And that would be against drugs and alcoholism.

Drug and substance abuse are the two main reasons why violence increases and leads to unemployment and crime.

“This video is set to enhance the lives of those who think that drugs are the solution to all problems, and for those who blame the country for not protecting them,” said Faakhir.

The government is also getting involved and joining forces with Faakhir to make this initiative a success.

Faakhir is determined to achieve a drug-free society by addressing issues that trigger substance abuse, as well as mitigating the impact of the habit.
“Drug abuse is spiraling out of control and destroying more and more homes in the process. We want children to grow in a healthy environment protected from harm and neglect.”

He now wants local celebrities to become role models to young people who are vulnerable to drugs, alcohol and substance abuse. Faakhir’s message is not limited to the youth only; they also include artists who might themselves be victims of drug and alcohol abuse.

The media is awash with stories of famous musicians who have fallen victim to drug and substance abuse, with disastrous consequences.

Check out video stills below:

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