Ali Azmat and Muazzam Ali Khan – Sawaal-Kande Utte (Audio/Video/Lyircs – Coke Studio, Season 6, Episode 5)


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Artist: Ali Azmat and Muazzam Ali Khan
Song: Sawaal-Kande Utte
Language: Urdu & Punjabi

Song Info:

Throwing the mind into the ultimate universal spiral of existence is Ali Azmat’s ‘Sawaal.’ According to Ali, a substantial amount of the thought process behind his album Klashinfolk went into ‘Sawaal’ as it is a representation of the different stages of Life and the corresponding psychological and spiritual tangents that shoot into the eternal abyss of questions. The feel is that of human anguish as the vocals wail asking about the transient state of mankind. In asking the questions, there are more questions as mankind looks on into the world. It is within this State that the song is met with ‘Kande Utte’ in the vocals of Muazzam Ali Khan accompanied by his Qawwal Group. The Qawwali here reflects on the edge of human struggle. The verses refer to folklore in the tale of Sohni-Mahiwal, which thematically yearn for the union with the Source of true Love. A composition based on Sufi tradition, the state is one of extreme longing at the point of reaching one’s limits, and therefore the most desperate of spaces. However in the Qawwali, the answers are found within the Soul. Therefore the transition between Sawaal and Kande Utte is through a doorway inward, wherein the Soul’s anguish resides due to the eternal wait to be reunited with Truth. The verses speak to each other, being two sides of the same coin, wherein the conviction remains that while the Spirit is in a state of constant turmoil, so will the world reflect this inner chaos. The only real peace manifested in the physical world is mirrored by the peace that is found within upon connecting with the Source. And therein lies the Answers to the Questions. Musically, the song was able to connect due to similar scales, and with the thematic connect, the organic union of the songs goes to show just how things fall into place in harmony. The essence of the piece finds its freedom in knowing that nothing is in one’s control – an expression in the universal story of mortal human life.

Song Credits:

Serbian House Band
Goran Antovic | Piano, Keyboards
Branko Trijic | Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Dejan Antovic | Bass, Electric Upright
Jovan Satric | Drums

Aleksandar Petković | Alto Saxophone

Babar Ali Khanna | Dholak

Ivana Pavlović | Harp

Omran ‘Momo’ Shafique | Acoustic Guitar

Qawwal Group
Muhammad Aourangzaib Khan
Bashir Ahmad
Ghulam Abbas

Zulfiqar Ali Lund | Chung

String Orchestra
I Violins
Tijana Milosević
Mirjana Nešković
Ksenija Milošević
Jelena Dimitrijević

II Violins
Selena Jakovljević
Jelena Dragnić
Tamara Zivković

Ivana Uzelac
Aleksandra Damjanović

Julijana Marković
Uroš Zikić

Acoustic Upright
Srdjan Djordjević

Brass Section
Miloš Nikolić – Trumpet
Aleksandar Petković – Alto Sax
Nikola Demonja – Tenor Sax
Mladen Lukić – Trombone

Dhol Group
Babar Ali Khanna
Zeeshan Haider
Irfan Ali
Salman Javed

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