Reshail Mansoor – Saajna (Official Music Video)



Artist: Reshail Mansoor
Song: Saajna
Lyrics/comp: Hassan Ali
Music : Mehdi Raza
Edit : Zack
Post : Manduck Entertainment
D.O.P : Farhan Shahzad

3rd single of Reshail Mansoor, a semi-classical / Rock fusion based in Raag Ahir Bhairov. Hope you guys enjoy the melody!

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Reshail got interested in music as a child due to his father’s (Raja Mansoor Ahmad) love and passion for the art of music and cultural heritage. His father laid the right path to help him achieve his goal to learn music. He is trained in indian traditional classical music by his teacher Ustad Harbajan Singh Bansal who originates from India and has devoted his whole life to music and its teachings in India and Norway. Reshail started his early education by attending Ekeberg skole (primary school) in Oslo, Norway and then received further education in Pakistan at Beacon House School Systems (primary and senior branch) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He returned to Norway and completed highschool from Ila School and college from Sandaker college in Oslo.He is currently studying leadership at Bachelor Institute ( BI ) The Norwegian Business school.

Watch music video below:

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