New Cinemas and Cineplexes In Pakistan: A Valuable Addition to Country’s Economy and Film Industry


During last several years, our cinema industry had been facing the acute problem of decreasing number of theatres. In Lahore only, more than 50 cinemas were converted into shopping malls, marriage halls, and CNG stations etc. This was due to the down fall and low number of films after mid-80s.

But now things are changing and New Cinemas and Cineplexes in Pakistan are bringing back the audience.

Cinegold at Rawalpindi; Atrium at Karachi; DHA, Cinegold, and Cinestar at Lahore are other big names coming on surface in recent years. Centaurus, Nueplex, and Cine Moosh in Islamabad, Karachi, and Hyderabad respectively have comprehensively added up to the line up. So our entertainment industry has started coming back on track with very advanced technology and a guest entertaining attitude which was unluckily, has not been there in past. Pakistan is now gradually advancing forward in this sector and the jump to utilization of the modern technology is really a pleasant change.

Centaurus Cineplex, Islamabad:

Centaurus Cineplex Islamabad

In Islamabad, there have been cinemas like NAFDEC way back in 90s but they converted into hotels and plazas with the passage of time and decreasing film business. So Centaurus has brought a new and positive change. Islamabad’s total film audience is now focusing on this cinema that is attracting a huge number of people being the sole one of the capital city. It’s a 5-screen cinema, providing a diverse entertainment at a time.


Nueplex Cinemas, The Place, Karachi:

Nueplex Cinemas The Place Karachi

After DHA Cinema, Lahore and Centaurus, Islamabad, it is the third state of the art theatre in Pakistan with the latest digital audio-visual technology. It was opened in August 2013. Consisting of five screens including the three largest in size in the country, Neuplex can definitely be acknowledged as the most modern and the best theatre of Pakistan. With the facility of 2D and 3D, along with a separate gold class, its sound and screen systems are designed by the top European and American manufacturers.


Cine Moosh, Hyderabad:

Cine Moosh Cinema Hyderabad

Opened on Eid-ul-Zoha 2013, Cine Moosh is now a luxury entertainment provider to the people of Hyderabad. Located on the upper floor of a restaurant, Cine Moosh is surrounded with food outlets, business sector offices, residential and commercial buildings etc. that make it a notable place. Possessing 2D and 3D digital technology and especially being the sole modern theatre in the city, it can successfully catch up quite a large number of audiences.


Cinemas within shopping malls:

Having “built-in” theatres in shopping malls is a new way in Pakistan to support cinema industry and provide entertainment at the same time to people coming there for shopping and food etc. Centaurus Mall and cinema, Islamabad; Atrium Mall and cinema; and now Neuplex, The Place Mall, Karachi — this way business and entertainment have got a parallel go and are supporting each other.

Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and now Hyderabad being the main urban cities of Pakistan are the big revenue generators and theatre industry will definitely add to the financial activities here, providing entertainment simultaneously. The step taken by big parties in major cities of Pakistan will give a new look to these places and change the environment in a positive and healthy manner!

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