Coke Studio Releases First Episode Of Season 6 – (Pictures)

[Pakistan: 27th October 2013] Following the release of two singles, Jogi and Laili Jaan, Coke Studio has released the first episode of Season 6, featuring “Khayaal” by Umair Jaswal, “Babu Bhai” by Ali Azmat and “Rabba Ho” by Saieen Zahoor with Sanam Marvi. This episode of Coke Studio Season 6 will air on 27th October across all leading broadcast networks nationwide.

umair jaswal in coke studio“Khayaal” is a song that was written 8 years ago by Umair Jaswal early in his career. Deeply personal, the piece has never been performed till now on Coke Studio. The song itself is the angst of the loner; it expresses the disconnection that many feel with the world at large, facing one’s demons and ultimately finding one’s Self. While the sound presents a grunge feel, the structure flows into what appears to be a free-fall within stringed with a deep sense of melancholy performed by the Orchestra in Serbia. The song represents the relationship between action and inaction, the aggressive and passive wherein opposing energies set into motion Creation. As we move into the world and deal with the struggle accompanied in the pursuit, within resides a Spectator that exists in the dream like state of Thought. “Khayaal” chronicles this constant state of transition and brings forth the deeper meaning of Rock set within an Eastern cyclic template.

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ali azmat in coke studio season 6Ali Azmat is back to Coke Studio this Season with the whimsical “Babu Bhai”. Putting the line between art and social commentary up for a show is what the song does – a catchy song that instantly grabs the attention of those listening with its upbeat tune played by the Serbian House Band in Belgrade. It talks of “Babu Bhai”, a character known in every society – he who sits on a pedestal for people to reach out for and somehow find some form of stability in a volatile world. In the way that an art form becomes a snapshot of a time in history, “Babu Bhai” marks this moment in the world today. Within the eccentric lyrics and manic composition, one finds a contrast between what is being said and what is being felt and therein lies the irony that true satire creates. A song told through the story of a character, “Babu Bhai” within the world of power and desperation asks for an inward reflection of what it really is that life teaches. A psychedelic bordering on comical feel demonstrated through Western instrumentation but telling the story through the lens of Eastern culture – “Babu Bhai” is the tongue-in-cheek tale of our everyday life.

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Saieen Zahoor in Coke StudioSaieen Zahoor marks his return to Coke Studio this Season with the trance inducing ‘Rabba Ho’ alongside the powerful vocals of Sanam Marvi. The composition’s wordings elaborate on many a theme – the song unfolds as a journey as seen through the compositions of both Sachchal Sarmast and Shah Latif Bhitai with references to folklore. Amongst the thematic highlights, the song talks of the search for knowledge and that while the pursuit may appear in many forms and many roads may be traveled, it is from within that the secret to true knowledge may be uncovered in the form of enlightenment. Saieen’s earthy tones deliver the depth of the composition, which is complemented with trippy underscores performed by L’Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio alongside members of the Coke Studio House Band. The song presents a mix of elements sprinkling influences from Nepal, Morocco and Bangladesh.

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Within the layers of a journey that comes full circle, the song explores the depth of worldly loss for the gain of spiritual wisdom and dwells on the divine connotations of Separation. In the process of Loss, there is a sense of Humility that determines the worth of such an act. The song itself is the setting for a tale that tells the story of universality and this is expressed musically through the transitions that the song experiences. From Saieen Zahoor’s opening of the concept, through to Sanam Marvi’s tale of submission through Sassi Pannu folklore, to the worldly manifestation of creation as seen through the Jazz undertones of the Orchestra, passing the haze through the doorway into the Zen of Nepal, ‘Rabba Ho’ is a cyclic demonstration of a journey of universality.

As announced earlier, specific session performances from Coke Studio Season 6 will be released as singles while complete sessions will also be broadcast and available online in the traditional Coke Studio episodic formats from 27th October 2013 onwards. In respect of holy month, Coke Studio will be re-starting the season post Muharram. Be a part of Coke Studio’s Sixth journey of musical discoveries on all major television channels, radio stations and online across Pakistan.

Check out the some pictures from Coke Studio Episode 1:

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