Reema Khan desirous of making an Academy Award Winning Film


By Rizwanaa Shaikh

reema-khan-oscar-winning-movieLollywood queen, Reema Khan, is in Pakistan these days and very much in news as well. She has come home to participate in the shoot of a consumer product TV commercial (TVC), she has been made the brand ambassador of the product, too. A press conference was planned at Karachi press club in this connection to which Reema Khan addressed.

During the media discussions and interviews, she talked about different things including her personal and professional life. Answering a question, she mentioned that her film “Love Main Ghum” was removed abruptly from theatres to give space to India’s “Body Guard” which was quite damaging to her film and industry. But despite the bitter experiences of past, she is not only firm to continue her contribution for the promotion of Pakistani cinema but also expressed a keen desire to make an academy award winning film.

Reema Khan did her directorial debut with “Koi Tujh Sa Kahan” in 2005. It was a musical-drama-romance which got to be a hit and earned her with the Lux Style Award as best actress and best director. Then she made “Love Main Ghum” on the same genre. It was a much awaited film as the gap between her two movies was six years. It was announced but delayed two or three times and shoots were also remained postponed, but it was finally out on 2011 Eid-ul-Fitr.

She is currently doing a show “Reema Ka Amreeka” on a private TV channel. She has also been hosting “Reema Show” for another channel.

The heart throb of millions of people, Reema Khan also took part in Loreal Paris Bridal Week held recently in Lahore. And an unusual incident occurred there – when her sandal/shoe broke during the walk on ramp and she got imbalanced for some moments. Awe! It was really a shock and awe moment, but the media and people saw the level of confidence by her when she, just against the expectations of all, not only collected herself but taking off the other sandal completed the walk comfortably also, as nothing happened there. Then she got a standing ovation by other participants and viewers of the show. The photos and news of her sandal breaking on the ramp was widely covered on media.

Reema Khan Sandal Slip

With the changing scenario and circumstances of film making in the country, trust of cine-goers is also resuming on our cinema gradually. This trust will get more strength with the determination of senior artists and film makers like Reema Khan. Fans of her and Pakistani cinema wish her best of luck for the greatest and most prestigious film award of the world. Films of any language other than English have only one category in Oscars – Foreign Language Category – every country sends the submission in, and only five lucky films get nominated.

Talking to a newspaper, she said like this, “I want to make a film that could win the Oscar for Pakistan, or at least gets nominated.” And Pakistan entertainment industry needs the same determination because when the determination is high, the results, too, are high!

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