Adil Omar – Go Outside (Unofiicial Video/Lyrics)



Artist: Adil Omar
Song: Go Outside
Produced by Apathy, cuts and SFX by: DJ Solo
Album: The Mushroom Cloud Effect

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[Verse 1]

Mama said “baby, don’t go outside”,
as the disaster hit us,
It turned the city into ash and splinters,
I had to differ from the general opinion,
I don’t think it was nature, I believe it was man who did it,
3am as we heard the explosion,
Bomb rockin’ like a comet as it burned through the ozone,
The ground shook and the windows imploded,
Glass shattered through the living room,
The ceiling was opened, yeah,
Straight anarchy among the people,
Terror groups telling us:
“Now we’re your fucking leaders!”,
Anthrax in the water supply,
Hear the cries of a father as his daughter just dies,
On the brink of a post apocalyptic civil war,
Survival is a privilege, but what the fuck we living for?
Looking back, it all should have been a lesson,
Now it’s stupid when you think how all this could have been prevented

[Verse 2]

Fuck what Mama said, boy you better go outside,
And give a helping hand, to your blood and your fellow man,
Tell the damn militants they can pack bags and leave town,
‘cuz we’re getting sick of these beatdowns,
but in the meanwhile, stop and reflect at the technology,
That steady brought us into this mess,
All the rulers in power who abuse and devour,
Fascinated, masturbating to a nuclear shower,
Man made, devout faith in these biblical scriptures-
Means apocalypse could happen in a nuclear winter,
With a mutant agenda in your human placenta,
Unless you make a decision, ‘cuz baby, you could prevent this,
From taking place, your saving grace is your willingness,
To educate and free a slave from his ignorance,
Let’s evolve and take a step to the street,
Where we’ll soon explore stars, together in peace

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