100,000 Fans on Facebook: Another Milestone achieved


Dear Visitors and Readers of Pakium.com,

Today, We are very glad to announce that our facebook page has finally crossed 100,000 mark and we are terming it as another great milestone achieved in the history of Pakium.com

100,000 fans on facebook page

Pakium.com, which was founded back in 2006, is still promoting Pakistani content mainly and during this journey we have had the support of countless team members, friends, music aficionados, contributors and supporters. Just to mention a few names, we are especially thankful to Yasir Shabbir, Waqas Sarwar, Ata ur Rehman, Arfa Mahmood, Faizan Ali, Bilal Asif, Rizwan Shaikh, Hataf Siyal and many other people for their utmost contribution to the cause.

We are hitting great numbers now, both on website and on fanpage, and with this much great reach & authority we feel more responsibility. It gets difficult sometimes to balance the quantity and quality part but we always strive to reach the optimum and serve the audience with “what they want” *hint*

What’s Next ?

As I am writing this, I really don’t know what is going to be the future of Pakium.

It has served as a music portal, a music promotion website that encourages young talent & artists, a blog that keeps you updated with industry insights, an online publication that covers all the major events & concerts in the country. Furthermore, we are publishing press releases and now also covering the “Reviving Film Industry” of ours.

We will continue to do so, but as I am getting busy with other ventures (off course for better future) this very first baby of mine is getting very little attention and NOT running at full pace. The passion I had for it some years ago is fading away, but its all normal. (wait, this is not a retiring speech!)

I believe I have done my part, established this entity and kept it alive for several years. Now, its up to on our supporters to come forward and take it ahead. We are always looking for fresh, young and dedicated team members who can contribute their part and support the cause. (contact pakium.team (at) gmail.com for more)

There is more to write on this but I will try to cover it in another post with an additional announcement that came before this milestone was achieved. We are indeed honoured to get the support of our seniors. 🙂

Keep visiting and supporting us and don’t forget to leave your feedback on our fanpage and on email : admin (@) pakium.pk



Danish Mughal
Pakistani Ultimate Media

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