Main Hoon Shahid Afridi Songs Review


Main hoon Shahid AFridi songs review

After such a long time, another Pakistani movie “Main Hoon Shahid Afridi” has caught the attention of ordinary Pakistanis . The movie named after the cricket star Shahid Afridi is finally releasing on 23rd August, 2013 in Cinemas nationwide.

Though, the movie was heavily promoted by ARY group on its TV channel through trailers and songs projection, but its music and soundtrack couldn’t get the attention of many. Contrary to the formula used by Bollywood of selling music albums before the movie release, the soundtrack of Main Hoon Shahid Afridi is not released in the market yet. Only the song promos were released on internet, and its now expected that after the movie release, the songs distribution will be started on all leading music stores of Pakistan.

Anyhow, we have got our hands on the soundtrack of Main Hoon Shahid Afridi. The music album consists of a total of 9 tracks out of which only 4 are original while other are remixes of the same.

Below we have reviewed all the original songs of the movie. Continue reading for Main Hoon Shahid Afridi songs review:

(Reviewed by Danial Shahid)

1- Jera Vi Aey Aanday

The first track starts with the traditional Punjabi dhols and has the voice of popular classical singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan. The song contains the lyrics about passion and slightly highlights the characteristics of Shahid Afridi’s gimmick that is Boom Boom. The chorus of this song is however not much impressive which makes the song something that you won’t feel like hearing again and again.


2- Malal

The second track of the album, Malal is a song that definitely holds element to take you off to a next aura. Starts off with a melancholic sound and soothing chorus, the song has Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s charismatic voice. However, the tone of this song is pretty sadistic but still the composition of this song is impressive and lyrics incorporates pretty well with the structure of the mood this song has.


3- Beautiful Nights (Angreja Teri)

Beautiful Nights is the third and the only English track of the album, however the song start has a ‘pop dance’ feel to it. The chorus of the song however doesn’t relate well to the tune, but I would say that production of this song is pretty impressive. As the song proceeds further, you will experience how pop dance music blends with typical Punjabi lyrics making it worth repeating. Later on when the song reaches to its end, the ‘dhols’ are introduced making it a desi pop type tune. I’d say that music producer has made just a simple attempt to make a pop dance song with not much of experimentation.


4- Masti Main Doobi (Mahnoor-Mathira Item Song)

The fourth and the most hyped up song of the movie. The song has voices of Neeti Wagh and Shani. The song starts beautifully with Eastern flute and has the beautiful ‘arabic’ and middle eastern touch to it. Once you would play this song, you would love the beautiful feel and tempo the song has and definitely would want to play this on repeat mode. The song has lyrics which are usually preferred for an ‘item song’ which cheekily urges the actor to booze up and go insane with on. Perhaps according to me, this is a worth listening tune and a good one by Shani (one of the most popular music composers we have in our industry)


Although, all tracks are pretty good, but we predict that the item song is going to make a huge buzz in the coming days. Also, the track “Angreja Teri Pen nu” has the potential to go viral. Lets wait and see how the audience rates the songs of the movie.

Till then Keep visiting as we will be publishing the movie review very soon.

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