Watch Kurkure Kook Off Season 2 – Episode 8 and 9


Celebrity Profiles!

Noman Ejaz:
Noman Ejaz might be the intense actor on TV but in the kitchen he is a sweetheart who is only capable of passing you the ingredients and utensils. But don’t be fooled by manly charms, he might have a few cooking tricks up his sleeves.

Juggan Kazim:
Juggan is the wackiest, most energetic character on the show but when it comes down to cooking, she is more serious and competetive than a gladiator. Whoever is going to pair with Juggan will definitely get some advantage in the game.

Mehreen Raheel:
Good things come in small package; this petite beauty is as talented in the kitchen as she is in front of the camera. Her culinary skills are as varied as her facial expressions ranging from Desi to Thai and from Chineese to Gujrati

Azfar Rehman:
When Life gives Azfar Lemons, He Would do anything with them but make lemonade. The only thing this boy new door knows about cooking is that it’s just not his thing. So, Whoever is going to pair up with Azfar would have to do double the work

Meekal Zulfiqar:
Meekal Zulfiqar aka Meeku is the most vibrant participant on the show. His energy is contagious and cooking skills a disaster. he can’t cook to save his life but he claims to be very good at juggling tomatoes

Sanam Jung:
She makes you cry with the heart wrenching characters she plays but in the kitchen she is the one crying out the loudest with or without an Onion. Sanam cannot crack an egg, let alone boil it. Will her charm and melodrama save her in the show?

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

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