The greatest Memoirs of Lux Style Awards


[PR] Lux Style awards is Pakistan’s most acclaimed and coveted award show, organized annually to celebrate and honor excellence in the fields of entertainment and fashion. Making its debut in 2002, Lux Style Awards innovates its glam and glitz every year, giving the audience a fresh new look of the Awards show. From bringing the kingpins of the entertainment and fashion industry under one roof to the fusion of legendary singers and awarding new talent to encourage the young and talented ones, Lux Style Awards has done it all.

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The 11 years of Lux Style Awards have great memoirs attached to it. The first Lux Style Awards in itself was a landmark in the entertainment industry of Pakistan. Never before was the entertainment and fashion industry recognized and celebrated in the most opulent and lavish style.

Pakistan’s first ever Red Carpet:

In 2003, Lux Style Awards was given a night to remember, with Lollywood’s brightest stars shining on the first ever red carpet of Pakistan, which was another milestone in the history of the Country. Adnan Siddiqui and the glamorous ZQ were also the part of this historical event as the hosts of the RC.
The legend’s performance / the beginning & the end
The fame acclaimed characters from Rosy to Aangan Terha. Moeen Akhtar, a worldwide icon through his screen persona, a name synonym with comedy and laughter performed at the 2nd Style Awards. This was Moeen Akhtar’s only performance at the Lux Style Awards, making it the greatest memoir of LSA which his fans wouldn’t forget.

“Junoon’s” last stand at LSA:

Now the audience hears the sound for the last time, the legendary Pakistani Sufi rock band, Junoon performance at The Lux Style Awards 2003. This was Junoon’s last performance at the awards show. Soon after their performance like the red sea the band parted ways, Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmed went on to pursue their careers as solo singer, making their last stand a great memoir for LSA. Junoon received strongly positive reviews from critics and won many hearts.

The arrival of a legend:

Internationally renowned Pakistani pop singer and film actor, Atif Aslam made his first appearance in the prestigious awards in 2005 on his hit song “Lamhey”, in his iconic red shirt and black tie he put up an energetic performance, choreographed by none other than the brilliant Nighat Chaudhry. The Awards show also featured the multi talented Ali Zafar and the evergreen Strings.

A year to remember!:

2006 will always be remembered as the one of the greatest year of LSA in terms of performances and tribunes. This year the audiences saw the evergreen “Filmi JoriShan & Saima and Reema & Moammar Rana performing on the greatest hits. This was the first time that Shaan & Saima performed together on a stage. After the splitting of Junoon, The energetic Ali Azmat found his way back to the LSA stage. Other music performances include Ali Zafar, Stereo Nation and Hadiqa kiyani. Anoushey & Ali Kazmi paid homage to the iconic Pakistani pop singers Nazia Hassan, the “aap jesa koi” sensation of the 80s. The infamous and “always in” drama mama celebrity queen Meera stole the show with Runa Laila. LSA 2006 also remembered Mohammad Ali, the actor who died some weeks before the awards and also honored Mehdi Hassan with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Re-emergence of a legend:

How many of you remember the evergreen “Tha Yaqeen Ke Aayen Gi Yeh Raataan Kabhi” by the singing sensation Naheed Akhtar? LSA 2007, held in the land of adventures, Malaysia witnessed the return of the Pakistan’s greatest playback singer, Naheed Akhter almost after two decades. The iconic Atif Aslam started the event by cruising down on stage on a flying carpet singing the iconic Doorie. That year, he teamed up with Aaminah Haq to put on one of the most memorable LSA performances. Veena Malik made her first appearance in Lux Style Awards along with the comedy king, Rauf Lala. Ace Indian choreographer Terence Lewis and his troupe also performed before the august gathering. His act with Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar was a show stealer. Atif’s passion and pain, combined with Ali’s zest and youthfulness, LSA 2007 got more vibrant, glamorous and mind-blowing. LSA 2007 also had dance performances of Meera, Sana, Nirma & Resham.

A Tribute to the folk queen:

The year 2008 saw the sensational Atif Aslam paying homage to the legendary Folk singer, Reshma by singing her famous song “Lambi Judai”. The honey-voiced Shahzad Roy also sang together with the great legend. Reshma was awarded “life time achievement award”.

Standing ovation to a true legend- LSA’s first lifetime achievement award in television


Legendary television actress, Roohi Bano was awarded the LSA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010, which marked performances in plays such as Darwaza, Zard Gulaab along with fifteen films to her. Sania Saeed, Madam Durdana Butt, Asma Ansari along with audience, paid tribute and appreciated her work.
Who could have thought that a famous acclaimed designer could match the fast dance steps of our sizzling Lollywood star, none other than Hasaan Sheharyar who swept Reema of her feet on a famous Lollywood tune. I say HSY, you have a whole new world waiting for you at Lollywood!
Ali Zafar, who has given luxies many memorable moments throughout its 11 years was seen paying tribute to the greatest singer ever recorded, “Mehdi Hassan” in the last edition of the awards show and then with his exhilarating performance with the enchanting Humaima Malik.
Now that the 12th edition of the prestigious awards show is round the corner and we have confirmed news that the famous Pakistani actor, hip hop rapper and rock music keyboardist, Ahmed Ali Butt, who rocked the LUX Style Awards as a host last year, makes a triumphant return to the stage in 2013. Chosen to host the 12th LUX Style Awards for the second year running, Ahmed has a big ask to keep the audiences engaged and entertained all during the long. Internationally acclaimed Pakistani pop singer and film actor, Atif Aslam is slated to make an appearance at Pakistan’s biggest Awards night the LUX Style Awards after a hiatus of five years. The star of last years’ hit film Bol and the voice behind many Bollywood hits, Atif on the LSA stage is expected to deliver an exhilarating performance. Let’s see what surprises do the awards office has for us as Pakistani expectations are high as to what they have to offer us in the 12th LUX Style Awards.

Check out some pictures of The Lux Style Awards below:

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