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The short film “Jinnah Returns” is based on a story of Musa Malik, who is shown as a young patriot, running a small NGO, accidentally meets Jinnah who has been covertly living in a guise. Jinnah in the movie has been depicted quite distinctively from his original character. He is shown as a geo economic analyst who has done an exhaustive research on the main reasons that entailed this country to such predicaments. The film delivers diversified messages especially for our youngsters who are yearning to have a Changed Pakistan for themselves. An interesting piece of work, that will deliver powerful message to the new generation.

Department of Islamic Reconstruction
Jinnah’s Speech
On the occasion of the Opening Ceremony of
The State Bank of Pakistan on 1st July, 1948

Article 62 and 63

Writer: Shahmir Ahsanullah
Director: Shahmir Toric Ahsanullah
Asst Director: Ahsan Ali
Production Manager: Ahsan Ali
Director of Photography: Maaz Ahmed
Sound Director: Aamir Khadim
Technical DIrector: Aamir Khadim
Asst Production Manager: Shahnavaz Ahsanullah
Asst Production Manager: Hisham Ahsanullah
Animation: Syed Ahmed Imran
Art Directors: Rooshna Ahsanullah, Sameera Iqbal, Mashal Wahid, Maryam Ahmed
Post: Shahmir Ahsanullah

Musa Malik: Muhammad Ahsan
Jinnah: Hassam Khan
Roshan News Anchor: Hammad Siddiq
Political Party Worker: Farrukh Khan
Political Party Worker: Nouman Khan
NGO Volunteer: Maryam Suleman
NGO Volunteer: Sehrish Suleman
NGO Photographer: Humza Syed
Allama Muhammad Asad: Ghaffar Jakrani
Allama Iqbal: Fayaz Thaheem

Watch Jinnah Returns below:

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