Bipasha Basu praises Imran Abbas’s Hindi


Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu praised Imran Abbas’s Hindi and said that he has inspired her to work on her own linguistic skills.

Imran Abbas in upcoming bollywood movie CREATURE (BTS) - 13

It is true that Bipasha Basu is a born-Indian and must be fluent in Hindi, but when she heard Imran Abbas’s hindi on the sets of ‘Creature 3D’,  she got inspired by him and said that she needs to brush upon her own Hindi.

She said:

[quote type=”small” align=”left”] “Imran’s Hindi is flawless. So, I have made sure that we interact only in Hindi on the sets of film” [/quote]

She said that it’s fun working with Imran. The whole crew only communicates in Hindi and Imran has also encouraged her to speak Hindi instead of English on the sets of “Creature 3D”. Bipasha also got impressed by the friendly nature of Imran and said they are bonding well. She said,

[quote type=”small” align=”left”] “The unit of Creature is super fun. I and my co-star, Imran, have bonded well. In between shots, it’s either Uno (card game) or Ludo (board game) or some other kind of game that we all play to get distracted from the cold” [/quote]

So, it seems like Imran is making a good image in India as all the cast and crew of Creature 3D are happy with his performance and impressed with his Hindi. This will definitely help him in getting recognized as a good actor and a good human being in India and will surely help him in getting more projects.

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