Correction: Comedian Nasheela Passed Away


Editor’s Note: After the news report published on ARY NEWS Website, some news reports are now suggesting that Nasheela is died BUT he never played the role of Ainak Wala Jinn or Nastoor Jinn. The actor who played the lead role in popular children series is Shehzad Qaisar who is very much alive.

We feel sorry for posting an unaunthentic story here and consider ourselves equally responsible as the original publisher of it i.e ARYNEWS.TV

Read our apology post here

Actor Nasheela of the Ainak Wala Jin fame passed away here in Lahore on Sunday night, ARY News reported.

The deceased actor played one of the most memorable characters of the famous 1993 PTV children series Ainak Wala Jin. 

Since long he had been a patient of diabetes and kidney problems but this never stopped him from performing at the Al Hamra Art Theatre.

Actor Nasheela was a well recognised actor who had worked with legends like Firdous Jamal, Albela, Aman Ullah and others in various stage plays.

via ARY News

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