‘Borderless Radio’ bagged Gold award at New York Festivals 2013


‘Borderless Radio’ – a mutual collaboration between FM 1 91 (Pakistan) and MY FM (India) won Gold medal at New York Festivals® International Radio Programs & Promos Awards .

Recently held ‘New York Festivals’ announced 2013 winner list in different categories. Hundreds of awards were given to various countries and programs. NYF announced the winner list on 17th June at awards ceremony held at Manhattam Penthouse in New York City.

Radio Awards announced at New York Festivals 2013

Last year, Radio 1 FM 91 (Pakistan) and MY FM(India) collaborated to give ‘Borderless Radio’. The program was on-aired on 14th and 15th of August last year to celebrate Independence Day of both countries. ‘Borderless Radio’ earned gold medal this year in New York Festivals®. The show was hosted by Beenish Saleem from Radio 1 FM 91 and Ali Zaheer of MY FM.

Beenish Saleem shares the good news on her Facebook profile

[quote type=”small” align=”center”] “Pretty happy to tell you guys, there was a show i did last year called “Borderless Radio” this was a show one of its kind, a cross border collaboration with an Indian Radio channel MY FM and ofcourse Radio 1 Fm91, welllll! the show earned a Gold award at the NEWYORK FESTIVAL 2013 in the category for Best Special Event. A joint effort! a big shout out to Ali Zaheer from India for hosting the show with me” [/quote]

The show ‘Borderless Radio’ was among many programs and activities that was indeed to bring two neighbouring nations closer; similarly under the label of ‘Aman ki Ahsa’ various programs has already held by mutual collaboration.

Checkout 5 minute cut-off of ‘Borderless Radio’ stream from last year.


So, Happy news for both neighbouring countries. Though, the award will go to MY FM (India) and credited persons are Ali Zaheer, Harish M Bhatia and Viplove Gupte but important part was played by Beenish Saleem (presenter from Radio 1 FM 91) and her team in Pakistan.

We are pleased to see such collaborations getting international fame as these will help demolishing stereotype thinking in both countries.

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