Hum 2 to start TV reality show ‘Challenger’


Hum 2 is all set to launch another TV reality show called ‘Challenger’.

Not much is know about the show, however, the title as well as the sneak peaks show that it is a type of dare-performing show. The show will provide contestants a chance to perform with their favourite stars.

Challenger Reality Show Hum TV

According to the plot of this show, a prize of Rs 1 million will be awarded to the bravest daredevil who will survive through a number of  dares without getting defeated for 15 days. You must be 18 years old to get yourself registered. So, if you think you are a real daredevil and want to prove yourself, then click here, fill the form, and register yourself to the biggest reality show brought to you by our very own Hum 2.

After registering, you will be called for the auditions at Arts Council, Karachi on 19 June 8:30 AM.

Watch the sneak peak of ‘Challenger’ below:

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