Zulfiqar Faqeer – Jog – (Lahooti Live Sessions – Video/Download Mp3)



Artist: Zulfiqar Faqeer
Song: Jog
Instrument: Boreendo (Indigenous Musical Instrument of indus)
Lahooti Live Sessions
Filmed & Post: Arshmaan Alee
Created By: Saif Samejo

Boreendo was even found in Moen Jo Daro (Indus Valley Civilisation) – Its thousand years old and most ancient musical instrument made of Clay – Zulfiqar Faqeer is the man lives in KT Mir Mohammad a small village in Sindh and has preserved this instrument by playing it since he was child, He is son of the great Legend Mir Mohammad Faqeer who used to play various folk music instrument and earned a lot of respect not only nationally but internationally too.

Watch Video Below:

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