Imran Abbas and Sadia Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Abdullah’


When it comes to Lollywood; one should understand that the industry is nearly on the edge. Every year Lollywood is able to give atleast one or two big names; i.e. ‘Bol’, ‘Chambili’, ‘Khuda Ke Liye’ and other internationally acclaimed labels like ‘Ramchand Pakistan’, ‘Seedlings’ etc. Since the industry is not generating big chunk of revenues for film makers there are hardly two/three big release each year. However, there has been few big budget movies yet to release. ‘War’ is one such name; which created overwhelming buzz in the industry but still is not released.

  Imran Abbas and Sadia Khan's upcoming 'Abdullah' - 3

Imran Abbas and Sadia Khan’s ‘Abdullah’ is another movie which created buzz last year but later there was no news about its release. However, the good news is film maker Hashim Nadeem is all set to release the movie now. There has been some Facebook activity started earlier in May indicating that movie release is near. The duo of Imran Abbas and Sadia Khan was earlier seen in ‘Khuda aur Muhabbat’ which was one of highly acclaimed drama serial by critics and viewers. The duo comes back with ‘Abdullah’. The movie is based on the incidents happened in Quetta back in 17th May, 2011.

[quote type=”large” align=”center”] “Some truths exist in the world just as flowers do in the desert. It is basically the story of a truth untold.” – Info available on movie’s Facebook page [/quote]


About the film maker; Hashim Nadeem is among those talented and renowned writers whose earlier writings appealed to a lot of viewers. Khuda aur Muhabbat and Abdullah shares the same writer. Apart from Imran Abbas and Sadia Khan we have Sajid Hassan, Hashim Nadeem and others.

In addition to ‘Abdullah’; Lollywood is to star ‘Main hoon Shahid Afridi’ too which in these days is getting on everyone’s nerve. Let’s hope these two movies release on schedule and Pakistani audience is able to enjoy good cinema this year. ‘Chambili’ already has set the bar high.

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