Taimoor Mirza ft. Abbas Ali Khan & Natasha Ejaz – Waikh Bandeya (Video)


Artists: Taimoor Mirza feat. Abbas Ali Khan and Natasha Ejaz
Song: Waikh Bandeya

Audio Credits:
Vocals: Abbas Ali Khan, Natasha Ejaz & Taimoor Mirza
Guitars: Taimoor Mirza and Natasha Ejaz
Composition: Taimoor Mirza
Words: Baba Bulleh Shah
Production and Arrangement: Taimoor Mirza
Recorded at: Audiology Studio at Channel Tek Islamabad

Video Credits:
Direction: Taimoor mirza
DP/Post: Atif Sajjad
Technical Facilities: Channel Tek
Creative Consultant: Abbas Ali Khan
Executive Producer: Hasan Naeem

Watch music video below:

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