Internet Censorship in Process in Pakistan? Torrents Down, Beygairats Blocked!


In case you are using PTCL Broadband or EVO services you might be facing downtime, no internet connectivity or very poor speed these days. This is just not something usual or any regular thing as it seems something big is in process right now.

If you are not updated with latest developments, you should know that

  • Many Torrent Websites are Down!
  • Tumblr is blocked!
  • “Beygairat Brigade” the KEYWORD is completely banned over internet in Pakistan; and
  • a weird warning page is appearing on too many web pages where it states:


Surf Safely! This website is not accessible

The site you are trying to access contains content that is prohibited for viewership from within Pakistan

site blocked in pakistan

I personally think that this is the result of a new “censor filter” that is being installed by Government of Pakistan to block and ban the content that the Government seems not suitable for Pakistani audience.

If we believe on a recent report which said, Pakistan Likely to Re-Open YouTube on 3rd May, it seems very much obvious that something is cooking today and it may change the way we enjoy our freedom on internet. Now how restrictive it would be and how would it violate our privacy rights, this is what should be the concern of all internet users.

Let us know in the comments if you are facing any downtime, any “Surf Safely” errors or any signs that you think restricting your access to any information in Pakistan.

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