“Cornetto Music Icons” Launched (Show Details, Pictures)


“Cornetto Music Icons” is a Platform to discover new talent and celebrate the bond between the present and future of Pakistan music

Ali Azmat at Cornetto Music IconsKARACHI: In collaboration with some of the most renowned artists of the Pakistan music industry, Cornetto, the most popular frozen dessert brand amongst the Pakistani youth, is bringing a fresh music platform, the Cornetto Music Icons. Cornetto Music Icons begin airing on 28th April 2013, with one episode every week.

( Watch : Cornetto Music Icons Episode 1 )

The show aims to pick the best of the wellspring of the new vocal talent from the Pakistani youth and mould them into future icons through a 10 episode TV show on the ARY Network and PTV starting end April 2013. With the selection phase about to come to a close, Cornetto Music Icons is now poised to bring to you the platform to spot the next great voices of this generation.

A whole slew of artists will be involved in the project comprising of big names such as Ali Azmat, Strings, emerging stars such as Meesha Shafi and Zoey Viccaji, and a legend of Pakistani pop, Alamgir. These artists will be the primary mentors, with mentoring musicians such as Salman Ahmed, Aamir Zaki, Omran Shafique, Shallum and Faisal Baig lending their talent to bring further diversity to the music. The shepherd for the show is of course Shahi, as the music maestro and talent selector, accompanied by Ahmed Ali Butt and Cybil Chowdry as the hosts of the star-studded extravaganza that is Cornetto Music Icons.

Bilal Shahi Ahmed Butt Meesha Alamgir Ali Azmat Faisal Kapadia Cornetto Music Icons

Shahzad Hasan (Shahi), an original member of the legendary and iconic band Vital Signs; one of the earliest acts responsible for introducing and establishing the Pakistani Pop music industry, will lend his rich experience and partner with Cornetto on this project as the music producer and talent selector.Shahi has produced hundreds of hits and created innumerable stars, and is now for the first time pairing up with a Brand to bring together a show that showcases the journey of music production, accompanied by a stellar group of the biggest names the Pakistani Music Industry has to offer. Shahi commented “It’s been a dream of mine to work on a project that’s not only about creating music, but also about creating new talent. Cornetto Music Icons has given me and Pakistan a platform to revive the Pakistani music industry.”

Check out below some Exclusive Pictures from Cornetto Music Icons:

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