Sanam Marvi Returns With An Item Song for Pakistani Movie


Sanam MarviFilms are not being made in the numbers as they used to be in Lollywood. Only few ones are being made this year again. One such new film is Ishq Khuda, which still is in the production phase. The movie came into the spot light a few days ago- with the launch of Films music. The film got the attention of the public almost instantly, as it featured soundtracks by well-known and powerful voices like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shazia Manzoor and Sanam Marvi.

Above all these shinning stars, film’s director Shehzad Rafique has taken one of Lollywood’s oldest and renowned music directors, Wajahat Attray, on board,”All the soundtracks I have directed over the years have included a tint of classical music. I feel classical music is something which we just cannot ignore. Rafique puts a huge emphasis on his music, which has meant that no matter what type of film he is making the audience is receiving something fresh,” adds Attray.

Female Sufi singer Sanam Marvi who came all the way from interior Sindh of Pakistan and got featured in last couple of Coke Studio sessions, is finally going to make her playback singing debut from a Pakistani Movie – and too with an appalling item song. “Sauf  Supari Wala Paan” is something that fans should look out for, Which stars Saima and features Shaan as well. “After a long time, we have an item song.  The way Sanam Marvi has handled it, the song will be a hit with the audiences,” continued Wajahat.

It would be interesting to see Marvi who is basically a ‘Sufi’ singer, singing an ‘Item song’ for a movie that is again said to be a Sufi-Drama film in genre.

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