Ali Naqvi feat Asim Azhar – DA’AD Baloch (Official Music Video)


Artists: Ali Naqvi ft. Asim Azhar
Song: DA’AD Baloch
Vocal by: Ali Naqvi (Feat) Asim Azhar
Directed by: Irfan Ahmed
Post by: Zain Khan

The message of this song is that whoever you are, be proud of yourself.

Update: The Video has been deleted after both the artists, Ali Naqvi and Asim Azhar, received threats from unknown people. This is what Ali Naqvi posted on his fanpage today:

Me and Asim getting many threats over the video Da’ad Baloch. We just wanted to support Baloch, we have not any intention to hurt anyone or any specific race, we wanted to make them proud but somehow it went controversial, i discussed it with few of my baloch friends before making the song they were very ok with it but now things have been moved towards wrong side…

All Baloch are our brother as being a Pakistani so to respect their feelings, i have deleted the video.
Apology with all who has been hurt with that song.

Watch amazing music video of DA’AD Baloch below:

Video is DOWN, but you can still take a listen to the full song below:

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