Shahood Alvi Attacked By Karachi University Girls


Shahood Alvi beaten by Karachi University GirlsPerhaps the result of consistent negative roles in the dramas. Shahood Alvi, a versatile Pakistani actor has been attacked by Karachi University Girls for his homogeneity in performing negative roles, persistently throughout his career. Although these repugnant roles bring fame or the actors and actresses but sometimes they also create intractable situation for the showbiz celebrities.

Shahood while having an interview with a local news source disclosed that he has experienced a bizarre situation as a result of his negative role in a super hit drama serial on Geo Tv titled as “Bol Meri Machli” during his visit of the Karachi University.

When Shahood was asked about his role in drama “Bol Meri Machli”- few girls of the university tossed eggs and shoes on him, as he was unable to justify his position regarding the character. “I tried to ensure those girls that the role has no link with my real life,” he said. The girls didn’t believe me and hurled eggs and shoes on me, Alvi revealed. He added that the girls also followed him till the parking and also damaged his vehicle.

Definitely a hard lesson to remember, but indeed a sad incident considering the fact that it  stumbled in an educational institute.

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