HidHydians arranged Dirt Wiper Activity in Hyderabad (Pictures/Coverage)


Write up By Omar & Ahmer Qureshi

Hidhyidans – an association of dynamic young individuals, headed by – Omar Qureshi, Alee Raza Maher, Furqan Buriro,  Ibrahim Khan, operating since June’2012, all dedicated to the cause of bringing forth to public eye the talented youth and the young of our beloved city – Hyderabad, who have dared to stand apart and stand above the ordinary lot. Towards this end, HidHydians organizes a variety of events and initiatives inviting the youth of the city and providing them with a forum to exhibit and foster their special talent and besides join hands together to bring peace and spread smiles on a massive scale.

  Dirt Wiper painting the Signal near Gul Centre Hyderabad

For all that they have done up to now, in my point of view, is definitely up to the mark. Realizing where they stand in the society and in the social-modern-world right now, the following initiative they presented and the outcome that popped up is highly appreciated everywhere.

Team HidHydians, under the supervision of Excursions Department headed by Asif Ansari & Ahmed Kazi, arranged an event by the name of ‘Dirt-Wiper’ that took place on Saturday, 23rd of March. Dirt-Wiper was an event arranged basically to spread awareness amongst the citizens of Hyderabad about keeping our surrounding environment clean and to bring the vitality of our original community back by focusing on aesthetic improvements and promoting well-maintained and safe neighborhoods.

The event started in Qasimabad, where all members of the Hidhydian team were present to welcome all those people they invited through social-media channels and through notice-board invitations at schools and universities.

Just as the Spartans of team HidHydians started to block the roads and wipe the dirt off, the number of participants began to grow. The high point was when Mehboob Abro, ex-nazim of Hyderabad showed up to lend a hand in the cleaning of the streets. He also contacted the office of the DCO for assistance but sadly it was closed due to the 23rd being a national holiday. Dhoom Television was present at the Qasimabad venue, covering the hearty efforts of the whole team. Interviews of the team were taken and later some group photographs.

After completing the set target of Qasimabad, the whole team headed towards the second venue i.e. the camp setup by Cantoment Board Hyderabad (CBH) at Defence Park, Defence. After a break-period of lunch exclusively given by Mirchi 360 Restaurant and CMH team, a crowd of 160+ people was divided into four teams. The trash removal team, fumigation team, paints team and chalk-throwers team. Each team had its own leader, while the employees and supervisors of CBH were present at all times with teams to guide them in their charitable endeavor.

The participants, accompanied by the whole CBH team of workers, police officers, supervisors and a fire engine team headed out towards Thandi Sarak. The sight of all the people wearing yellow baseball caps running on the road dodging cars, cleaning the whole stretch of the road looked like buzzing bees collecting pollen from different coloured flowers was commendable. Instructions were given on mega-phones and the communication between team HidHydians Management on voice-gadgets, proved that their mind was only set towards the 23rd March Mission.


The whole rally of people headed upwards from Thandi Sarak towards main Saddar with heavy vehicles guarding everyone, and then from there towards doctors’ lane, and crossing that, they ended the whole event at Quaid-e-Azam complex. From where everyone headed back to camp at Defence park. Each and every corner was wiped, brushed, painted, fumigated properly. Loud calm instructions were given to shop-keepers for not throwing trash out and keeping the city clean. ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ shout-outs were heard all the way in trucks and fire-brigades.

The whole stretch of the event in Saddar was provided coverage by Aaj and Express news. The Photographers Society of HidHydians (comprising of: Ahmer Qureshi, Hassan Rizvi, Shahbaz Mehdi, Adeeb Ahmed, Mustafa Ansari, Noshad Khowaja, Adil Lakhani) snapped over 400 pictures in total and now are working for a cliché-video. PakiUM representatives were also present at the event lending a hand in the cleaning plus write-up coverage for an event which doesn’t even fit into the genre of the work they’re operating in. Also The Sketches band’s lead singer Saif Samejo appreciated the whole event with kind words.

Team HidHydians managed to pull it off quite well with the help of all the groups who approached them, i.e – SZABIST Student Society, RSGB, Nakkh Clothing, Fatima’s Treats.

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