Adil Omar – The Mushroom Cloud Effect [Music Video and Full Album]



Artist: Adil Omar
Song: The Mushroom Cloud Effect
Album: The Mushroom Cloud Effect
Featuring: Everlast, Xzibit, B-Real of Express Hill, Kool G Rap and More

The Mushroom Cloud Effect is prefaced by a 5-year career lined with cosigns and major collaborations. That’s why it’s no surprise to find a star-studded ensemble joining Adil Omar for his album. The singles leading up to the release included music videos for “Paki Rambo” “Star Power”  and a collaboration with Xzibit called “Off the Handle.”

The album is insanely well-produced by Fredwreck (Aftermath/Doggystyle), DJ Lethal (House of Pain/Limp Bizkit), and DJ Solo (Soul Assassins), as well as Apathy and fellow Pakistani phenom Talal Qureshi.

01. The Mushroom Cloud Effect
02. 50 Feet Tall (ft. Hard Target)
03. Paki Rambo
04. Go Outside
05. Broken Man
06. One by One (ft. B-Real, Sick Jacken and Demrick)
07. Star Power
08. Off The Handle (ft. Xzibit)
09. Sugar Low
10. Carry Me Home
11. Heart of Darkness
12. Summertime (ft. Kool G Rap, Gravity and Greydon Square)
13. Hand Over Your Guns (ft. Everlast)

[Warning: Some songs not suitable for all audiences, specially under age]

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Lyrics of “The Mushroom Cloud Effect”:

I was born of an oracle
Raised without a father figure
Epileptic visions of my mother said the gods had sent her
The new messiah, moved in silence til I proved that I was
True to Gaia, do or die, I stay immune to fire
Scrutinize-rs hurdled blows and tried to knock me
but I beat the odds
The rose that grew from concrete
The road I knew that I’d be taking
Rolling down in high speed, chasing
Every single path to let me show you I’ve been tired of waiting
I carry weight like I’m SAMCRO, my ammo
consists of hate so I can’t show I can grow
Forever young, forever angry and I’m mad as hell
Bitter as I bench press my burden in a padded cell
This is a fairy tale, lead by a bloody trail
Straight to the lion’s lair
Kill with a violent stare
Gripped by a mindless fear
Visions of I appear
Distant but climbing near
Bring it cause I’m prepared to
Rise from the equinox
I shine on the speaker-box
My mind full of deeper thoughts
I fly like an eagle
Bars lined up to be involved
Designs on cathedral walls
I grind just to preach the laws
as I’m on the reaper’s watch
My time as it seems is short
Yet I’ve got an eager plot
To find our inner core and find you to teach to y’all
but its like you’re completely lost
you mindless, deceitful hawks
Leeches wanna see me nailed and tied to a bleeding cross
Heads hang in utter shame
The future, the hunger games
Survivor series, try to place me up in sudden flames
To see me burn but I’m resistant to your mocking terror
Take cautious measures in a post apocalyptic era
Ungodly power, unicorn equipped with body armor
To the horn, I move along
My prey will watch and cower
And though I know that I am not supposed to be here
I leave fear inside a Duffel bag to throw in streams, clear
My first thoughts as I go step in the arena is
No matter what, I’m fighting to the death, I’m a believer
I’m a gas mask gladiator, apocalyptic hero
I am legend, try to recon with the kid
I fear no opposition cause the prophecies spoke of me
The oracle told me that the gods have a role for me
I thought she was crazy, now I see all the signs
That I’m a free bird, spirit, smooth sailing the skies
Escaped death like it was nothing and I’m taking what’s mine
Fuel the fire, walk another mile a day at a time
And get stronger, live longer
Live forever in the hearts of mortals
I’m immortal, tried to warn them this will be my time to conquer
This will be my time to show them history designed a monster
Killing fields and violent slaughters
Inner peace in times of hardship
Driven by the grind of artists, not for the pop charts
I got scars and drop bars off of the top parts
The Mushroom Cloud Effect, the new messiah with god’s heart
and fire, I’m a hyper-velocity rockstar

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